Voice Over Talent and Training with Kate Hart is a full scale talent agency that provides voice over talent for film, television, commercial projects, print, live promotions and modeling events.

Whatever the circumstance, we have the perfect voice for you. We not only provide the talent but train them too. That way, we can be sure that the voice you hire is highly direction-able and is familiar with studio etiquette. We also can guarantee that our talent will sound the same as the demo you have sampled.

Not only are we the “only” Voice Over Talent website and business that deals with Voice Over Talent with this impressive comprehensive program, but we are serious about booking our talent and giving you what you’ve requested within an hour of you contacting our company. If you’re able to send us a full casting breakdown, we can send you an “availability check,” of a complete talent submission in just an hour or two. If you have roles, but aren’t sure of your audition or shoot dates, and would just like to browse available talent, we can often send you a submission within minutes.

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