Congratulations! You have taken one of the bravest steps you will ever take. You are going to find “your voice.” There is nothing more important, profound and rewarding than finding the voice you were meant to communicate with. It improves self esteem, gives you confidence in the choices that you make and moves you closer to the organic sound that was given to you.



The first lesson will be a basic explanation about how your voice works and the beginning of how to breathe properly. You’ll learn important fundamentals and will get to know exactly what you can and can’t do with your voice. After the first lesson, you will have an overview on how to proceed and what your basic issues are. The main thing is that you find your “core” sound. Then build your stylings, nuance, artistic choices and influence on top of that “core” allowing you to continue with the creative process.

Kate believes with the correct information, using the voice can actually be easy. Kate explains, “We tend to make it more difficult than it actually is. Our bodies are built for speaking/singing. All we have to do is get out of the way and let it happen. This experience is what motivates and gives me the the desire to teach. Struggling to find our voices has really allowed me to understand what the student may be going through with the dialogue so that there is clear communication.”


Most of our singing students experience a range increase of at least an octave. For all actors/speakers who take the training, you will gain range extension, improvement with tone control, breath control, voice strengthening, dynamics, vocal agility, and ear training. After your vocal technique is in good shape, you will be shown how to apply what you’ve learned to the material you bring, working extensively with styling, character development and learning vocal techniques that make for a professional vocal performance.


The Goals that are to be achieved apply to all ages and levels of expertise. The instructors do not have an agenda on what kind of material you want to engage in. What is important is that you are moving towards the experience of challenging yourself by learning and understanding patience while working towards your long and short term goals. This process is profound.

If you need to get ready for an audition, recording date or make a demo, the instructor can put together a “fast track” approach in preparing you, allowing the student to achieve their short term goals. If you live too far to commute intensive training sessions can be arranged. There would need to be some advanced notice as schedules can fill up quickly. In addition, both instructors have been hired by many recording studios to work with their singers in developing “on the spot” technique so that their voice records at it’s most optimum.

If you want to put together a demo to submit to record labels, make industry contacts, find material or just obtain overall advice in the business, the instructor is more than willing to help. “What they don’t know, they know the people that do and will be more than happy to put you in touch with them.” This can include performance, monologue work, arrangements, songwriting, production, script development and more.