Core Voice Connection Workshop


3 Hour Workshop – This workshop is designed for the speaker, toner, singer – in other words – anyone that is interested in improving their voice. The workshop begins with understanding the voice and how it works, then connecting to the core sound so that the individual can bring a full resonant sound. This is an ideal workshop for troubleshooting voice/throat problems in a group setting. The workshop tends to focus on the physiology of the throat and voice but does take on a more holistic and compassionate view on the significance of the importance of expressing oneself and being heard. The workshop includes: Core Voice Connection, How the Voice Works, Importance of Your Voice, Healing the Body with the Voice, Basics in learning how to Throat Sing (we do a brief introduction to whomever is interested).

$28 to $54 per person depending on size of the class

Quotes from Participants

Good Morning Kate, Bless you today, and thank you so much for our wonderful meeting, and you being the beautiful Spirit you are! I call you a master… I was so excited and grateful when I left, as this experience will truly give me a new beginning, new possibilities, and new opportunities…Again, Thank you, and I look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship…
Let’s Do It!

What a wonderful afternoon Saturday was!! My most sincere thanks to you for coming all that way to bless us with your gifts!

Kate, Kate, Kate! What a wonderful vocal workshop yesterday. You were sensational, I loved how instantly you changed folks voices with just a few tips. You don’t know how much I miss your voice lessons.

You never cease to be kind, and *such* a great coach exactly when and how I need it, Kate. You are really someone special. Thank you. 🙂

I’ve always been daring and willing to go where others are hesitant!… I trust you with every ounce if my being.

I wanted to thank you also for the chakra CD – from the first time I listened to it – My body just started doing stretching exercises and opening it up- which I am sure is exactly what I needed – but I found it very interesting how it just automatically responded and opened up immediately without any thought whatsoever- very cool.

I felt so light on the way home. I don’t really remember my dreams but woke up feeling well rested. Also, feeling in general, less negativity bouncing around inside my head. It was delightful to come to your home and experience such a powerful session. I believe God put you in my path …Thank you for being you!

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