Core Voice Connection Workshop – Extended

4 Hour Workshop – Core Voice Connection, Group Meditation, The art of Tibetan Throat Singing and Ancient Himalayan Bowls, Connection to Divine Self through sound and spoken meditation. Connecting the speaking voice to the “core” voice is a simple process. With this connection is a resonant sound that vibrates the entire body and spirit with harmonics that heal and empower. This work benefits: toning, singing, meditation and health.

Throat Singing:  The ancient art of Throat Singing which is said to clear disrupted energy. This technique will be accompanied with ancient Tibetan Bowls from the 16th century.

Toning the Chakras: Once connected to Core Voice, we Tone each Chakra with the divine musical key and mantra.

How to Empower Higher Self through Meditation: A powerful half hour meditation to empower and connect to the divine self. CDs will be available so the listener may continue after workshop.

Clearing the Ancestral Line: This is an addendum to the Higher Self Meditation. Very profound for many who use it.

Core Voice Connection- $36.00 per person.

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