Applications and Strengthening for the Speaker | Corporate, Sales, Presentations, Media

Applications and Strengthening for the Speaker

Speaking with Confidence – Connection to Core Voice

The curriculum manual can be used with various age groups. Each session is designed so that the participants are talking out loud to the instructor and each other. All sessions begin with questions for the instructor and a syllabus for that day and upcoming training. In addition, with class dialogue, this is an opportunity for everyone to hear the proficiency of the participants when speaking publicly.

$500 for a four week course.

Course Outline

Session 1

Getting to know you and your voice

  • Describe the kind or type of speaker you want to be
  • What makes a good speech?
  • Core Voice Connection
  • Butterflies in formation or How to kill the negative ego
  • How does the voice work?
  • Exercises for strengthening
  • Vocal Care
  • Cold Reads
  • Posture
  • Breathing

Session 2

Presentation and Communication

  • Practice public speaking
  • Write and review personal public speaking goals each session
  • Gaining confidence in public speaking skills – using the mirror
  • Improving breathing and sound – using the wall
  • Etiquette of public speaking
  • Stand when speaking (more posture and movement work)
  • Be positive and how
  • Listen while others are speaking
  • Be authentic

Session 3


  • State the main point
  • Describe what speaking with confidence means to you (warm-up exercise)
  • Demonstrations using audio-visuals
  • Debate
  • Body language, posture, and vocal variety
  • Phone conversations
  • Interviews
  • What makes a good speech?
  • Session Outline, State the main point, In your opinion, what makes a good speech? (warm-up exercise)
  • Ways to practice speaking with confidence
  • The three essential parts of a good speech; an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Borrowing a speech. What’s good about it?
  • Organize the body of the speech first. Establish the main points or purpose of the speech. Make sure these points are clear and believable. Consider the amount of time you have to relay your message.

Session 4

Presentation – Applying the Tools

  • Preparing a Speech
  • Organize the main points or purpose of the speech.
  • Organize the wrap up and summarize
  • How to practice
  • Measuring level of nervousness and identify ways to control it by selecting a topic that you are interested
  • The Grand Finale (each give 5 minute speech)*

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