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Voice Over Talent and Training with Kate Hart – We Do Voices

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Welcome to Voice Over Talent and Training with Kate Hart – We offer you a terrific roster of professionals from every age, ethnicity and character voice you may be looking for.

The Voice Over Talent Network is also designed for talent that is looking for training, voice care remedies and hints on how to keep the voice healthy. This information will be continuously updated.

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Now being offered, combined training of Audio Book Narrator and Commercial Voice Training with demos.

What makes our training so unique? Everything.

  1. We introduce you to all of the agents. However, we now have a wonderful agency that exclusively uses our Voice Over Talent.
  2. Lifetime visibility on the website at no charge. Our talent is hired off our site almost daily.
  3. You’ll always have a world class studio available for your auditions at a huge discount.
  4. We focus on Marketing. We want you to work! Pay a deposit and then tell us how much and when you can pay the remainder of the fee.
  5. We are the only Voice Over Talent site in Michigan, and we also have locations in Palm Coast, FL.
  6. We offer a discount if you are interested in doing Audio Book and Commercial Training.
  7. At the end of the training you’ll have a professional resume and a world class demo.

New Classes start almost bi-weekly. The rate is $1299.00 with only a $300.00 non-refundable deposit to get started. You can pay the rest throughout the six week training.

Sign up today! Contact Kate Hart at katehart@speakeasy.net or call 248-460-3568.

Voice Over and Demo Workshop Intensive for Voice Over Artists

Have you been considering using your voice professionally? Do you hear yourself lending your voice to commercial work?

Voice Over Training can allow you to use your voice more like an instrument.




All of our talent are available for instant listening. You’ll find a rich and diverse selection of voice-over demos, ready to bring your copy to life.

Women's Voice Over Talent


If you hear a voice that you are interested in hiring, please go to our contact page and click on bookings. Kimberly at Your Entourage Agency will take care of you.

Youth Voice Over Talent


Since all of our voiceover talents live right here in Michigan, we’re ready to provide you with focused, in-studio audition reads, directed live, with quick, professional delivery.

Character Voice Over Talent | Michigan Voice Over Talent


Welcome to our latest category for our Voice Talent. Do you have a need for multiple character voices, games, animation, commercial projects? Well, we have made it easier for you to find the talent that you are looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 248-460-3568

Audio Book Talent


All of our talent are available for instant listening. You’ll find a rich and diverse selection of voice-over demos, ready to bring your copy to life.

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Kate is the best vocal coach I know and I send musicians to her because I like the results and she invests in the success of her students. Subtlety, direction, confidence, and understanding the material are four core values that help contemporary vocalists find success in the music industry and I personally place a very high value on people who I know can foster those things. Kate’s work with artists has helped me tremendously in the recording studio by ways of using different registers and getting the voice out of the throat. She gave me understanding of this when I was her student and now I call upon this as a producer when I need to and vocalists trained by Kate know exactly how to get there. This is very helpful for me.

I send artists to Kate to work on songs for a variety of reasons. I prefer that artists I work with don’t take our material to other coaches. I trust Kate with the uncopyrighted and unfinished material that I don’t want leaked out anywhere. Secondly, a vocal coach can do more harm then good to our songs if not properly guided and that starts to effect my process. I would rather have an artist not work on the original material at all before we go in the studio then work on it with a vocal coach that I don’t know or trust and reinforce the songs improperly. Kate doesn’t over coach artists on the original songs which I like as a producer.

Thank you both so much for your help and encouragement as we created new demos for me. Kate, it was fantastic to explore audiobooks, characters, and voice over in general with you both before and during the recording session! I learned a ton and you really brought back a lot of what I gained from my original classes with you. Emilio, not only did you expertly assemble the demos as always, but you had a lot of awesome ideas and tips during the creative process that helped my performances come together!

I thought your mouth exercises really came in handy… it was long, intricate dialogue and his performance was so excellent that everyone loved it! He did so great and had so much fun! Looking forward to continuing to work with you on his skills 🙂

I have to admit, I was skeptical on the commercial bit of the training because of the sort of “fairness” in commercial. Even though I feel I have a ways to go, I feel I have a good idea in what direction I need to go. Thanks for your training. A great instructor teaches and you are not even aware that you are learning. You are able to do that with so much fun and finesse. I have really enjoyed working with you. Thank you for helping me reconnect with my voice.

I hope when you hear them and enjoy them, that you are also proud of yourself….you opened a door for me that I never thought about until we talked. You turned a nervous fellow who likes to sing and talk, into a guy who sold a commercial before he had a demo recorded. Yoda’s got nothing on you. YOU are the true Jedi Master!!

They love it!! I’m still incredibly humbled….and oh so very thankful for you! It’s no coincidence you ended up in Detroit and I ended up googling your website! Thank you again!!

I just cried. Thank you for truly seeing our daughter. So grateful she has you in her life as a teacher, mentor, positive influence. The gift of Kate Hart will forever be cherished. With love and gratitude….EK

I wanted to let you know that I have signed with Your Entourage Agency.  Thank you so much for connecting me with her. This has been a very intimidating process for me and you’ve always made me feel safe and supported.  I’ll keep you updated. Thank you again for all you do!!

Thank you Kate. Without your friendship, training, and confidence in me, it wouldn’t be possible.

I want to thank all of you for having a big impact in my life in the last couple of months: I had a couple of lessons at in Rochester Hills, but it was a long drive and (the coach) was very busy so she gave me the contact information from Kate Hart.  I am taking vocal lessons now here in Berkley, very close to my house in Royal Oak with Kate and she is fabulous!!!  It is an answer to my prayers and a dream come true.

Wonderful!! Thank you Kate! I’m super proud of the work we’ve done. 🙂

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to both u and Emilio!!! U both are amazing!! And I really appreciate the time u put in with your people not to mention accommodating the crazy schedules involved!!…And the difficult, unprepared students such as myself!! Lol!… I Look forward to the next steps!! :))

Kate, we wanted to let you know that with just one lesson, Dave and I have already learned so much and applied what we could to our kirtan on Saturday night and it really helped. We both felt that we sounded better and fuller….We look forward to Saturday with you.

Last night, I did a gig in Ann Arbor at the Crazy Wisdom Tea Room. And an old student of yours joined us. We both started talking about our voice lessons with you and how we miss your sensational voice lessons, advise, spirit and gentle soul.

Mike here from Dreamscape (Director of Operations) audio in Toledo, it’s nice to meet you. I do most of the casting here….the talent sent from you has been solid, so thanks for that. Thanks again.

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the work we’ve done together, and for all the positive support we’ve gotten in our new venture…

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